Welcome To Our Ranch!

What do we do here?

Picture of a boy smiling during his first horse back ride.

A Boy’s First Ride

We are making our little corner of the world brighter and having fun doing it!  We rescue horses, mentor youth in weekly one-on-one session times, offer job-training for young adults needing a fresh start, and support families.

Have Fun With Us:

A. Explore our  Web Quest on Mustangs under our “For the Yearlings” page

B. Have fun and read our blog  posts featuring ranch and animal stories

C. Find a way to get involved and make your corner of the world a little brighter too!

D. Join our FREE summer youth program, Hands-On-Horses either as a volunteer or as a participant

E. Our new program: Jr. Wrangler-In-Training is HERE!

What we can’t do (at this time):

1. We are not currently equipped with side-walkers or equipment to work with some handicapped youth. Youth must be able to sit independently and securely in the saddle. However, there is a nearby non-profit ranch that specializes in working with physically and mentally handicapped people: Blue Mountain Therapeutic Riding.

2.  We have already rescued or rehomed 7 horses, and helped a few others.  With most of our land not yet having a solid fence, we are not currently financially in a place where we can take on more rescue horses.  We had to choose between rescuing more horses or continuing our youth summer program, Hands-On-Horses, and we chose to continue our youth summer

Picture of a girl enjoying taking care of Trigger.

Fun with Trigger



If you would like to help us expand our capacity to rescue horses, we would appreciate any assistance you would like to give.

Veterinary fees: these are ongoing.  Our veterinarians are at Animal Clinic of Walla Walla.  If you’d like to, you can donate and request the money be used for vet expenses, or you can give the clinic money on our behalf.  Thanks!

Fencing in our 9 unused acres would give us the ability to make use of the land that we have, grow pasture, and expand our facilities.

Picture of a girl in a cute pink cowgirl hat with Trigger.

A Cowgirl in the Making

Hay donations are always welcome, as we currently use between 19-22 tons of hay/year.

Another alternative would be to have someone volunteer to bring their tractor and work our land, helping us to develop a good pasture.

Do you like to work with youth?  Maybe you would be a good candidate to become a session leader.  Please see our volunteer page and contact us for more information.

Thank you for considering us!

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