Miracle Pumpkins

My brother-in-law planted a garden in front of our fenced yard, in an area that used to grow wheat.  We had a volunteer pumpkin plant sprout up from last year’s garden, and we decided to keep it.  Since there is no water source for dry wheat fields, it was necessary to create an irrigation system using hoses, a timer, etc. Sometime near the middle of July, our irrigation hoses burst.  We did not have the time or resources to fix it, and since so much of what we intentionally planted did not sprout well, it was decided to “let it go.”  There wasn’t much to save.

Then, we had a very HOT and DRY remainder of July, all of August, and most of September.  Weeds grew up and took over our garden.  Or so I thought.

At the end of the summer, I walked around the tall weeds looking for a missing shovel.  I noticed the patches of orange everywhere around me.  Surprised, I realized it appeared the pumpkins were still growing and maturing.  Plants that produce fruits/vegetables such as pumpkins, cucumbers, melons, apples, etc. are hogs for water when they are developing and maturing.  AND YET THESE ONES HAD NO WATER FOR AT LEAST TWO MONTHS!  The implications of this did not yet hit me.

Miracle Pumpkins in the MatrixI went out at the end of October to cut them off the vine and to find homes for them.  By this time, many of the weeds had died back, unveiling the sheer numbers of the pumpkins.  There were over 60 mature pumpkins!  Coincidence?  No. Could I be wrong about these pumpkin plants needing water to survive?  No.  How do I know this?  Because God reminded me of a second volunteer pumpkin plant that did NOT survive.  It was growing beside one of our drainage ditches, where it had evening shade from a nearby tree.  If it sunk its roots down deep enough, it had a chance of finding moisture longer than any of the plants in the garden. Yet it did not survive.

Both pumpkin plants were volunteers.  Both were growing steadily and were producing small green “baby” pumpkins at the time the waterlines broke.  Both had good soil, space, and both were strong.  However, after 2 weeks of no water, the one by the ditch withered and browned.  By four weeks, the green pumpkins were dead. So, the one that should have had a chance to survive did not, and the one that should not have made it thrived and produced a large amount of pumpkins for one plant!

How is this possible?  In the natural realm, I believe it is not possible.  The second pumpkin plant gives witness to this fact.  As I pondered this, I thanked God for His blessing in my life.

Then, after about half of the pumpkins were stacked in the back of my Matrix, like a ton of bricks, God hit me withA rainbow, the sign of promise. this revelation: “Yes, you have been planted here, and yes, you are going through a very dry season in your life, where it feels that things have been a major struggle.  Yes, in the natural realm, there has been something that you needed that you did not have.  But I AM God.  And you will not die, you will not wither though you feel you do.  I AM your strength, your sustenance, your water, your sustainer.  And even though you cannot see me, I AM here!  More than that, you will go on to produce much fruit and, like these pumpkins, others will not be able to explain how it happened because in the natural realm it would not be possible.”

This word is not just for me, but was burning within me.  It had to get out.  It is for many, many other people besides myself.

Romans 1:20A “Ever since the creation of the world, His eternal power and divine nature, invisible though they are, have been understood and seen through the things He has made…”

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