“A Look Back at 2014”

(Sing to the song of “Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All the Way…”)

Dashing throu’ the New Year,

1023 (Ten-twenty three) in hand

Its completion is near,

Picture of part of the ranch under snow.

Winter Wonderland at the Ranch

For tax-exemption to land.

Bells on post-man bring…

Did we do it right?

The mail tells not a thing,

Waiting with fists tight!       Oh…

Waiting more, waiting more…

Waiting all the way.

Wanting to move for-ward,

Not sure on what day!   Hay! (2x)

Birds and buds appear,

Lots and lots to do!

Ameri-Corp comes here,

Painting, cleaning a-new!

Scooping winter murk,

Hot sun shining down

Completing lots of work,

And thankful hearts abound!    Oh…

Waiting more, waiting more…

Waiting all the way!

Working to move forward…

“Can’t yet…” so God say. (2x)

Broken fences mending,

Fliers, cards, and emails

Information sending

Building new fence rails!

Restroom installing

Prepping for guests’ need,

Horse training behind falling,

Stacking supply ‘o feed!      Oh….

Working more, working more…

Working through the day!

Dirty hands, sunburnt, sore

With volunteer youth “Kay!”   Hay… (2x)

Building a French drain,

Keeping mud at bay

501(c)3 (five-oh-one-see-three)

Finally came our way!

Winterizing here,

Lack of tractor, worst.

Website completion near,

Stacy writes blog first!

Working more, working more…

What more there to say?

Wanting to move forward,

Now we finally may!  Hay!

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