Our Herd


Kootenai is a 19 year old Arabian, and is our newest herd member. She was a donation from

Picture of chestnut Arabian mare, Kootenai.

Kootenai, summer of 2016

a gentleman who needed to decrease his herd.  Accepting this gift was made possible by the generosity of a few different people in the community that donated hay to our non-profit this year!  THANKS!  Kootenai used to ride the mountains extensively, but has an old injury that never healed completely, so it causes her some stiffness.  She will be ridden only lightly by smaller kids.  We are hoping she will be ready to be used by youth in our summer program for 2017.


Picture of Sunny, one of our youth horses.

Sunny enjoying our wheat grass.

Sunkist Gold, or “Sunny” for short, is a sweet quarter horse/Morgan/Tennessee Walker cross.  He is 23 years old and loves kisses and riding the trails.  He also has recently discovered he loves splashing chest deep in pond water.  Trained with Natural Horsemanship techniques, he is one of our session horses.


Picture of our rescued miniature horse.

Trigger, our Miniature Horse

Trigger is a large miniature horse.  Miniature horses are smaller than ponies. Trigger will follow you around like a puppy dog and will ask for head rubs.  He is the perfect friend for kids who may be a little shy around our larger horses.  In the winter he looks like a shaggy stuffed animal.  Trigger’s favorite thing to do is to tease Sampson by biting him on the neck and then running away, starting a game of “tag.”


Sampson, our

Sampson, our “Curious George”

Sampson, formerly known as Tucker, has a rather remarkable story.  See our blog post: “Sampson’s Second Chance” for the full story.  This hefty boy is a Halflinger, which is a miniature draft breed.  It is fairly uncommon in the United States at this time, but Halflingers are gaining popularity due to their great versatility.  Sampson is playful, curious, and built like a brick.  He loves attention of any kind.  If you ever come and visit us on a tour of our facilities, he will probably be the first to run up to you and greet you! We have been working with him the last two summers, and we are hoping to use him as a session horse for our summer 2016 program.


Red, our Tennessee Walker


Red is our second newest herd member.  Adopted from another equine rescue facility who had too many horses, he came to us four years ago in December.  Red is a Tennessee Walker who is very sweet, but needs the right patient trainer to effectively teach him to use the thinking side of his brain, instead of the reactionary side of his brain. We have started him using Natural Horsemanship in the round pen, and a friend, Mimi, has started him under saddle.  He is coming along nicely. Once trained, he will make a great mount for someone who wants or needs a smooth ride.  Tennessee Walkers are known for their Walking gait, which is very smooth and can be as fast as a slow lope.