Our Vision and Mission


Our Mission Statement:To create a stronger community through investing in the lives of our youth and equine friends.

Our Vision Statement:

Our vision is to eradicate neglect and abuse in horses and to bring healing and purpose to youth.

Picture of a youth riding and learning others care.

Creating Caring Relationships with Kids

Our Values:

  • We value education and its role in the prevention of neglect and cruelty to both horses and kids as well as its role in improving the future for others.
  • We value life, for all life has a purpose and is important.
  • We value involvement, as everyone should be encouraged to help others and make a difference.
  • We value compassion, as it sees a need and moves us to action.
  • We value integrity as it shows you who you really are inside.
  • We value mercy, as it is undeserved, because we all need a second chance at times.
  • We value mentoring as the more experienced pave the way for the less experienced in skills and in life.
  • And most of all, we value our Lord Jesus Christ, for without Him, Stacy Just would not be alive to start this ranch.