Similar Ranches and Resources

Just Another Chance Ranch is an independent, community oriented, public charity.  We have also partnered with several other organizations in the greater Northwest region.  For those of you who may be wondering if we are similar to Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch, the answer is yes.  We have attended their information and leadership clinics and are happy to say they have definitely helped us along in getting started here.


1.  Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch:

Located in Bend, Oregon, CPYR is also a horse rescue facility that specializes in partnering kids with horses for the benefit of both. We have learned a lot from them and appreciate their advice.

2. Blue Mountain Therapeutic Riding: located in Touchet, Washington, they operate instruction for mentally and physically handicapped youth and adults spring, summer, and fall.  Mary Murphy is the founder, and you will love her!  Although their program is not free, it is very affordable for an equestrian facility.

3.  Blue Mountain Action Council:

BMAC is a local nonprofit in the Walla Walla Valley who works to build the community through support to local nonprofits and employment opportunities.  They have helped us with a couple of different work projects.

4.  Shepherd’s Way Horse Rescue:

North of Spokane, this horse rescue facility was very encouraging and supportive of our efforts, and has many horses to adopt out.  You can link with them on Facebook under their name, or look under Pet-finder to find their listings of horses to adopt.

5.  Humane Society of Walla Walla:

This animal rescue group specializes in dogs and cats, and knows many contacts in the community.