Color Sheets, etc.

Here are some fun horse color sheets and activities/crafts for you to try.  They are all from free online sources.  Enjoy!

<b>Free</b> <b>Horse</b> <b>Coloring</b> <b>Pages</b>

Galloping Horse


  • Parts Of A Horse, by
  • Galloping Horse, by Horse Stall
  • Girl with a Horse, by Horse Stall
  • Grand Prix Horse, by Horse Stall
  • Lots of cool horse coloring pages here by Coloring Pages 1001.
  • Spirit, by Coloring Pages For Kids (takes you to the Coloring Pages For Kids website where they have lots of free color pages)
  • Dress Up A Horse: learn about and make your own paper cut-outs of 6 different riders and styles of horse tack from Native American to a Kentucky Derby Champion!  Lots of other horsey activities too, brought to you by the American Museum of Natural History.


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