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Sessions: our Hands-On-Horses program

: Designed to be primarily used by youth, this is a FREE service we provide for our community throughout the summer months.  Participants sign up for a 90 minute session with one of our session leaders, and they get to be a part of our ranch by helping and then experience a one-on-one time with a horse.


We seek to provide no-kill alternatives through our adoption and rehoming programs. All of our horses receive initial veterinarian and staff behavioral

Picture of a boy and his rescued dog hugging.

A Boy and His Rescued Pal

evaluations.   We also do what we can to ensure that the horse you adopt will be a good fit for you.

Animal Rescue and Rehoming

Our horses come from a number of places—overcrowded horse rescues, surrenders from local properties, donations from families that wish to rehome their equine, and sometimes we purchase horses from the auction to save them from the slaughterhouses. We focus on giving abandoned and sometimes abused horses Just Another Chance at a healthy, happy life.

Rehabilitation & Training

At Just Another Chance Ranch, we will often work with the horses we rescue to further their training.  We will also work with our adopters providing them with resources to get them off on the right start with their new equine companion.


Just Another Chance Ranch is run strictly by its volunteers, so without this fabulous and dedicated group of people, we would not be able to rescue horses or work with kids.  We are also available to help high school students meet their community service requirements.

Community Awareness and Support
Through making resources available, hosting horse care classes, writing blog posts about our experiences in animal care, and by providing a free opportunity for youth to work with horses, we strive to educate and inspire the greater Walla Walla Valley area to get involved and make a difference!

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