Picture of a session with a teen girl.

Gaining Confidence In Body Language

Hands On Horses

A session in our Hands-on-Horses program consists of a 90 minute block of time where a participant is partnered with a session leader and a horse.  The first 30 minutes the participant and session leader will work on a task designed to help the animals or the ranch.  This may look like repairing a fence section, pulling weeds, or cleaning up the tack room.  It gives the participant a chance to be a part of the workings of the ranch, to have a time where they can develop skills and be seen as giving a little back to the ranch that is giving to them.

Picture of a boy being led on a horse by a session leader.

A Session In Progress

The next hour is tailored around the individual participant.  Some may want to ride a horse, some may want to foster a friendship on the ground.  Participants will learn how to communicate with horses, groom them, and take care of them.  Those wanting to ride will also learn how to tack up their horse.  Although skills will usually be gained, the focus is on creating a positive relationship between the horse and participant, and the session leader will oversee this process. Horses are very intuitive, and they know how we feel.  When we learn to communicate effectively with horses, the results are powerful.

Picture of Trigger's face close up.

Trigger Loves Attention From Kids!

Sessions are recommended for any child between the ages of 9-19 who may need a special equine friend that they can trust.  Although our priority is to work with youth, adults may participate too, as we have session classes available.  Children under nine years old may be accepted into our Hands-On-Horses on a case by case basis, but they do not meet the age requirement for riding a horse.  They can still learn to work with and groom our miniature horse, Trigger. Our sessions program runs throughout the summer.  This program is offered to youth free of charge, although donations are always welcome and keep us going!

How do I become a participant?

  1. First, let us know of your interest and why you are interested.  What are your personal goals for entering our Hands-On-Horses program? We will contact you and set up a time for you to come out and meet us.  (Please be patient, we are volunteer based, and all our volunteers have employment elsewhere.) When you come out to meet us, we will give you a tour and see what we can set up for your first session.  All minors must be accompanied by a legal guardian/parent on the ranch for the tour and for the sessions. Sessions will be open for scheduling starting April 1st and will start in July.