Get Involved


Picture of volunteers having fun.

Volunteers Having Fun

There are lots of ways you can get involved!  Not a horse person?  No problem!  The ways to help are diverse. You can:

  • volunteer
  • donate needed items
  • offer financial support
  • adopt or foster care a horse
  • become a horse or child sponsor
  • or join our prayer team


  • Property development and maintenance: fence building, cleaning up brush, working the fields, painting trim or signs, moving gravel, and spraying weeds are just a few of the jobs we continually work on.
  • Professional specialty jobs: we could really use help from a plumber, electrician, welder, farrier, grant-writer, tech support,  a Natural Horsemanship horse trainer, and a farmer with equipment.
  • Assistant: assist us with youth in sessions, greet and talk to families, help us in some of our fundraising efforts such as our benefit yard sales, and many
    Volunteers working in the barn.

    Volunteers on Clean-Up Day

    other possibilities.

  • Clean-up Days:  lend a helping hand during our clean-up days where we are preparing for the new season of working with kids and horses.  Help us sweep, dust, weed, plant flowers, organize papers, clean tack, and other similar jobs.  These are usually scattered beginning April1st-end of June.
  • Horses: maybe you’d like to work with our four hooved critters.  At times, we could use help with grooming, cleaning the stall and barn area, and exercising the four hooved critters.  We also usually have at least 1-2 horses that would benefit from further training in order to work with kids.

If you’d like to volunteer with us, please fill out and return a Volunteer Application.  Thank you so much!

Donate Needed Items:


  • Grass Hay!  Always on our wish list!  Do you know a farmer who could donate a ton of 100_1613hay?  That would be a HUGE help!
  • Farrier services
  • Supplies to build a shelter in our new paddock; imperative if we are to take on more horses and expand our program for next year!
  • Use of equipment to plant seed in our pasture
  • Use of an auger and tractor to drill the holes for our fence posts


  • Veterinary services
  • Fencing materials: treated 4x4x8′ posts, mesh horse wire fencing, treated 2x4x10′ boards, and hot wire supplies
  • Gravel: paddocks, driveway, and to create a parking area for our participants
  • Course sand: for our round pen and our riding areas
  • Tack, tools, or other equipment we could use in the future or resell to help meet needs

Financial Support: 

We provide our Hands-on-Horses riding and mentor sessions to youth FREE of charge.  We can only continue to do this if we receive some financial support to cover our basic costs of doing so. All financial gifts are tax deductible under the United States federal designation of 501(c)(3).

Donate financial gifts by:

1. Donate through our secure site on PayPal

2. Mail a check or money order to: Just Another Chance Ranch, PO Box 997, Waitsburg, WA  99361

3. Come and visit us.  Schedule a tour of our facility, and you can give us your financial support in person if you prefer.

Become A Horse or Youth Sponsor:

100_1512Make it possible for us to take on another horse who needs a home or pay the costs of another youth to join our summer program by sponsoring them!  This will enable us to expand our current operations.

Sponsor a Participant in our 6 week summer sessions program: Hands-On-Horses:

If each child that participated in a session were sponsored at $35.00/session (an hour and a half one-on-one time with a mentor and a horse), then nearly half of our costs in having this program and the yearly expenses incurred in using horses in this program would be paid for.

Sponsor a Horse:

1.  Rescue a Horse From Slaughter or Neglect: the basic expenses to rescue a horse from slaughter assumes that the horse needs some veterinary care, dental work, and is underweight.  Estimated expenses to purchase and care for such a horse for one year are: $1,900.00.  This does not include any fees for training or extensive veterinary services such as surgeries or complications.  It also assumes we are able to purchase the horse initially for around $200.00.

2. Rehabilitate an Untrained or Abused Horse: this is a hard one to estimate.  Each horse is unique, and some are more quickly trained than others.  Fees for training also vary greatly depending on the trainer.  With, a lot of basic ground working done for free, our estimated expenses to rehabilitate and care for the average horse for a year is around $2,400.  This assumes a basic level of training only and assumes far less veterinary care is needed than a horse rescued from the slaughter houses.

Prayer Team:

Contact us and let us know you’d like to be  a part of our regular prayer team.  You can never get too much prayer, and it certainly does not hurt!  We have seen prayer do quite miraculous things.  Let us know how we can pray for you, and we’ll do the same.