Foster Care/Rehoming

Foster care and our rehoming programs are two facets of what JACR offers where horses available for adoption are not housed on our premises.  This is sometimes necessary  because we only have so much room in our existing paddocks on the ranch.  So, some of our awesome volunteers help us and the horses by keeping them on their own premises.  Regardless of where the horses are being cared for, contact us to set up an appointment to learn more or to visit any of them.

Picture of bay horse under a weeping birch tree.

Home Sweet Home

Becoming a Foster Care Provider:

If you’re interested in becoming a foster home for one of our horses, just complete these four simple steps:

  1. Submit a Volunteer Application packet (2 documents): document 1 and  document 2.
  2. Contact us to set up a home visit for where you will be keeping the horse(s) you wish to care for.
  3. Register for and attend a Volunteer Foster Care Orientation.  Email or call us at (509)337-6056.

Our Rehoming Equine Program:

Do you have a horse you want to find a good home for?  Not sure how to go about it? You may want to enter your horse into our “Rehoming Equine Program.”  It works much like an equine adoption, except you keep the horse on your property and continue to care for him/her while we are doing our best to get your horse adopted.  We become the contact organization.  We interview the applicants, handle the paperwork for adoption, and provide your contact information to those who are interested in adopting your horse. Then you get to meet with them and show them your horse. Adoption fees go to JACR to help us help other horses. Email us or contact us for details: (509)337-6056. Certain limitations apply.  Please be patient as we are 100% volunteer led.