Animals for Adoption

Equine Rehoming and Adoption:

Equine Rehoming and Adoption is a new program of ours, launched in October, 2015.   We are not able to bring new horses on to our property at this time, so we cannot accept horses that you may want to give us.  However,  we may be able to assist you in networking and getting the word out there to find your horse a new home.

Adoption: To adopt a horse,  please start by filling out an Adoption Interest Form and let us know what type of horse you are looking for, and we will see how we can help.  Please be patient for a response, as we are all a volunteer based organization.

Rehoming: If you want to place a horse on our website for rehoming, please contact us and we will go over the particulars on how this program works.

10/1/16: Briosa found a new home over the summer up in Canada.

4/21/16: Meet Briosa, the lively and bubbly little Peruvian Paso:

Picture of black-brown mare, side view.Briosa is a small Peruvian Paso mare. Peruvian Pasos are known for their distinguishing natural 4-beat gait called the Paso Llano which is very smooth to ride. She has a sweet disposition, and is looking for a new home.  It has been reported by a former owner that she is trained to ride, and that she has been ridden by children.  However, she needs someone who is an experienced, confident rider to be her leader.  Please call us if you are interested in adopting her!

  • Size: small, maybe 14 hh
  • Age: approximately 17 yrs. old
  • Health: looks good overall, but should be checked out by a veterinarian and could use a glucosamine  and good vitamin/mineral supplement due to age and slight occasional stiffness in hind legs
  • Recommendations: Briosa would make a great pasture companion, or with some work, has great potential to make a sweet mount for a small rider for some light riding.
  • Adoption fee: $250.00

100_2003         100_2005

Help us give Briosa a loving home!  Spread the word!



11/18/15: Luna no longer needs a home.

Unfortunately, Luna is no longer with us. Sudden and severe colic has caused sweet Luna to pass on.  Thank you to all who took the time to look at this page earlier and consider adopting her.






Adoption fees apply and range from $250-$600/horse.  All information about animals available for adoption is either given by current owners or are the observations by a ranch volunteer who visited the animal.  Observations are only estimations as we are not veterinarians or specialists.  Please have any animal you are adopting thoroughly checked out by your own veterinarian, as their advice and knowledge will most likely be more accurate.

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